City of Hoover


This project consists of two tertiary wastewater treatment facilities and the collection system. The Inverness Wastewater Treatment Plant has a design capacity of 1.2 MGD. The Riverchase Wastewater Treatment Plant has a design capacity of 3.0 MGD. The combined collection system for Inverness and Riverchase consists of 6 miles of pipe, 2,488 manholes, 43 sewage lift stations, and approximately 70 grease traps. O&M services include the wastewater treatment facilities, collection system, lift stations, and grease traps for the City of Hoover. This also includes inspections of manholes, as well as cleaning and videoing of 86 miles of collection system pipe.

We took a bit of a chance with CWS in 2007 in that they were a young company just starting up. Since they arrived on site in January 2008 we have found them to be responsive and professional, providing us with safe, compliant and well-maintained wastewater plants, pump stations, and collection system. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend CWS as a contract operations provider.”

Mr. Allen Pate, Former Administrative Manager

City of Hoover

Services Utilized

Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Collections