Wastewater Operators: Keeping Our Water Clean

A wastewater operator works alongside water treatment operators to keep our world’s water clean. They play a vital role in the community and for our environment. Whether you are an experienced wastewater operator or entering the field as a wastewater operator trainee, we have a place for you. Learn more about the exciting wastewater operator career opportunities currently available with ClearWater Solutions.

What is a Wastewater Operator?

A wastewater operator, also called a wastewater treatment operator, is a professional responsible for the care and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant. They play the crucial role of ensuring the delivery of clean and safe drinking water to the community. Once water is used and sent down the drain, it must be cleaned and reused. Wastewater operators play the important role of ensuring this water is clean, safe, and free of contaminants so it can be treated and returned for public use. The primary goal is to ensure that the treated water meets environmental standards and poses no harm to public health.

Wastewater Treatment Operator Tasks and Responsibilities Include: 

  • Performing all aspects of sampling, monitoring and testing required to maintain compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process and management
  • Operating sewage treatment, sludge processing, and disposal equipment to control flow and processing of sewage
  • Performing daily checks of the wastewater treatment process and periodic checks of pump stations
  • Preventative maintenance of plant equipment and performing repairs of machinery and equipment as needed
  • Reading and interpreting meters and gauges that monitor the purification process and operation
  • Collecting and recording data for record maintenance and reporting
  • Performing facility ground maintenance including cleaning equipment and tanks
  • Performing general landscape maintenance including mowing, trimming, clean-ups, pruning, and other typical landscape maintenance tasks
  • Other related duties as directed

Education and Certifications for Wastewater Operators

Wastewater operators often need to obtain certifications issued by state or local environmental agencies. These certifications demonstrate a level of knowledge and competency in operating and maintaining wastewater treatment facilities. The specific certifications required can vary depending on the location and the size of the treatment plant. Most requirements fall under the following categories:

Entry Level Wastewater Operator  (Wastewater Trainee)

  • Typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Involves on-the-job training and basic knowledge of wastewater treatment processes 
  • Entry-level operators often work under the supervision of more experienced wastewater operators.

Higher Level Wastewater Operators

  • Higher level certifications as a wastewater operator can be obtained through courses, testing, and work experience.
  • The requirements for each certification level can vary based on the regulations established by environmental agencies at the state or local level.

Wastewater Operator Careers with ClearWater Solutions

At ClearWater Solutions we believe in “Quality Water. Vibrant Communities.” Join us in our commitment to providing the best wastewater treatment services to communities across the nation. 

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