Katie Hill Hired as Director of Training

Katie Hill now serves as the Director of Training at CWS. She is a certified Alabama Grade IV Water Operator, as well as a Wastewater Operator. She has much experience in this field, as she previously provided certification training in both water and wastewater, developed online certification programs, created and implemented a comprehensive curriculum for the new ARWA apprenticeship program and much more as she served as Director at the Alabama Rural Water Association. She has also previously worked as an Operator/Assistant Project Manager, where she operated a 12.0 MGD, Grade IV Surface Water Actiflo Treatment Facility.

Katie explains that she is dedicated to fostering a continuous learning culture within our organization, where our team members can stay up-to-date on new developments and expand their knowledge base consistently. She says, “in my position as Director of Training, my topmost objective is to guarantee that each member of our team possesses the essential skills and expertise to thrive in their respective roles.”

“What I love about CWS so far is the collaborative environment that provides the chance to innovate, help others, and even challenge myself occasionally.”

Katie has been married to her husband, Lewis, for over two decades, and she has one stepdaughter, one daughter, and one son. She says her daughters have provided her with 4 grandchildren, with the 5th one being due any day now!

Ray Gibson

With your oversight, the City’s water and sewer operations have greatly improved. CWS clearly understands the needs of the City, its operations, and our desire to provide a first-class interaction with the citizens of Fayetteville. Your organized approach and effective communication allow for key decision-making in providing cost-effective solutions required on all water and sewer-related projects. I greatly appreciate your team’s attention to detail and quality and look forward to our continued partnership.

Bobby Marr

The knowledge, dedication and professionalism of the Clearwater Solutions personnel has turned our plant operations around completely since they were hired by the City. They have taken our wastewater treatment plant from chronic monthly violations to violation free for the past several months! It truly feels like a partnership instead of just another contracted service.


CWS, Mark Pressgrove, and his team of professionals always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the needs of the Town of Walls’ sewer system and our residents. CWS is always quick in response to our sewer issues and determining the problem in a swift manner saving the Town time and money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.


ClearWater Solutions, LLC has gone above and beyond in operating and maintenance of the Hall County sewer system of 0.75 MGD plant, 19 pump stations and over 350,000 LF of mains. They have provided a high quality of customer service to both Hall County staff and its citizens. I strongly recommend them for anyone who’s looking to hire an outstanding O&M company.